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March 29, 2005

Living On A Budget - Accomodations

Dear Readers,

Quick! What’s the number one reason that most ESL teachers decide to go to another country to teach? If you think that it’s to experience another culture and see the world, you’re right! But many teachers find that, because of the low salaries offered in many countries, they can’t travel as much as they had hoped to.

Living on a budget can be a challenge for many teachers, but with some planning and savvy, it is possible to find a good balance. The biggest expense in anyone’s budget is living accommodations. Today, I'll offer two tips to help you reduce yours . . .

. . . The first is to share living quarters with other teachers. Depending on your personal situation, this may be the perfect solution to not only cut your rent in half (or less!), but to form good friendships with other teachers, as well.

The next tip is to ask someone from the local community to help you find a place to live. Many times they will know about apartments or rooms that are for the locals, and aren’t priced for foreigners! You could try asking the management at your school for a guide, or even one of your students.

On to another topic . . .

A few of you wrote in to tell me your views about teaching ESL in the states, and I got to see things in a different light. I admire the fact that you are so dedicated to your students--without the added benefit of living in another culture. And as Briana said in her comment, "Even though I'm not teaching in their native countries, I still experience their culture and learn new things every day."

Never thought about that, but I guess it makes sense. Anyway, thanks for your comments!

Until next time,


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Posted by msimmons at March 29, 2005 03:14 PM

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