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March 09, 2005

Tips & Tricks - A Great Teaching Aid

Hi Readers,

Here's a quick tip for improving your student's listening skills.

Many times students become accustomed to their teacher’s voice and accent, and have a difficult time understanding other people—even though they may do great in class. That’s why it’s vital to expose them to different styles and variations of speech. That can be difficult to do if you teach in an area where English is rare.

One great solution to this problem is . . .

. . . to have them listen to different video or audio files that involve other people speaking, and then discuss the conversation or story in class.

A great web site where you can find a multitude of these is:


This site includes fifty video files and over one-hundred audio files to select from.

What’s more, they’re all free! You’ll simply need RealOne Player to watch or listen to them, which can be downloaded for free from the Internet.

I highly recommend using this site to allow your students to listen to other people speak, so that they will be better prepared when they begin to interact with English speakers. The files are varied, and should provide enough diversity to appeal to everyone.

Until next time,


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