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April 27, 2005

How Important Is Confidence?

I received a question from Kalenga last week, and it got me thinking. First of all, here's the comment:

"I am about to finish my studies, but being an african, and having studied in africa, I really don't think I will be able to get a job by visiting ESl. It seems that americans and other people from developed countries have the chance to ge jobs in this modern world. How best can you help me gain confidence that I will be able to get a job?"

Now, is it true that many teaching jobs are given to Americans and Canadians? Yep. Does that mean it's impossible to get a job if you didn't happen to be born in one of those countries? Nope.

But she brought up a great point in her question--the importance of confidence when looking for a job. When I read that question, my heart broke because I could feel the doubt and hopelessness in it, and if I could--simply by reading it on the screen--it's a guarantee that potential employers will. Truthfully, if you don't express confidence in yourself, why should an employer?

Okay Kalenga, are you ready for some serious confidence training? Here's my best advice!

First, watch your attitude! As I said earlier, the tone of your email was one of hopelessness--not the image you want to project to employers. Begin to see and understand the possibilities that you CAN get a good teaching job with effort and determination. In short, if you don't think you can get a job, then you probably can't.

Next, make an effort to relay your enthusiasm to potential employers. A willingness to learn and a can-do attitude will go a long way in this business. One way to do this is stay focused on your goal, and don't let negative thoughts interrupt your progression.

Make sure that you've had the training to do the work. If you don't already have a teaching certificate, get one--it will do wonders for your confidence!

Finally, make sure that you prepare for each interview before you actually sit down and meet the person. Prepare your questions in advance so that you'll never be stuck for words. (A huge confidence buster!)

This is a big world, and there are plenty of jobs for us all. But if we don't believe that we can do something, that's usually the way it turns out. Keep us posted, okay Kalenga?

Hey! You guys are no fun! I've only had one guess about my age, and it was wrong. (Sorry Kenneth!) Remember, anyone who gets it right gets a guest appearance on this blog telling others how they did it!

Until next time,


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