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May 02, 2005

Do You Do Homework?

Hello everyone!

Today I'd like to talk about homework. This can be a touchy subject for some because people tend to either love it or hate it! But there is one thing that I know: students who are willing to do homework simply learn faster. But--at least in the area that I teach--not many of them are willing to do it. In fact, the one thing that I have learned is that if I assign homework, I can count on at least half of the students not showing up for the next class!

But really, how can anyone expect to learn another language by coming to class two times a week, and doing nothing in between?

I have tried to explain the importance of homework. I have made the assignments easy. I have given them longer periods of time to complete them. I have even tried the reward system.

But still--nine out of ten students simply won't do it.

I try to put myself in their shoes. Most of my students are busy professionals with families, and so I know that their time is limited. But they are paying to learn English, and it seems silly to me that they would invest two days a week (plus the cost of the class), and then not be willing to do something as basic and important as homework.

Do you have the same problem? I'm beginning to wonder if this is a cultural thing in Mexico. Does anyone else teach in Mexico, and if so, are you experiencing the same problem?

Has anyone overcome this problem? If so, I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time,


Posted by msimmons at May 2, 2005 01:10 PM

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