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June 27, 2005

Can Your Students Teach?

Good morning!

I've heard from a few of you telling me that you appreciate my teaching ideas that help get shy students talking. Well, I have one tactic that I use a lot, but be warned--it won't work for everyone! (You know your classes and your students, so you'll have to determine if it will work for you.)

First of all, your class needs to be at least at the intermediate level (I tried it on my beginners and it was just too stressful for them--although if you have outgoing beginners, it just might work.) Here's how it works.

Depending on how many students you have in your class, you'll need to come up with some "themes." Depending on the level of your class, you can make them very basic--like "family" or "action words"--or for the more advanced classes, you can have fun and get creative with your themes, or ask them to come up with their own.

Next, you'll need to assign each student a theme, and then set a date for each one. Explain to your students that on that date, they will become the teacher for 5-10 minutes. It's best to give everyone at least a week to prepare. Be sure to make yourself available for any questions or even "trail runs" so your students will feel confident on their day of teaching.

I have found that my students are always very nervous when I first give this assignment, but afterwards, their confidence level skyrockets!

If you try this in your class, I'd love to hear the results! There are always humorous outcomes, as well as student "breakthroughs" and I know everyone would love to hear about it!

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