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August 14, 2005

Make That Teacher's Salary Stretch!

Hello everyone!

Okay, so you won’t become a millionaire teaching ESL, but it is possible to stash a few of those dollars away! As with any type of employment, the secret it to learn how to live comfortably on your salary—or better yet, on less than. Here are a few tips to make sure that your savings account isn’t closed due to inactivity!

•Cook in. You don’t have to eat out every night, you know? Buy a good cookbook and save loads on meals.

•Budget. It’s simply impossible to save money unless you know how much you’re spending. Make a budget and then stick to it!

•Bargain shop. Did you know that the less expensive generic brand grocery store laundry detergent is likely packaged by the more expensive brand sitting to its right? Save money at the grocery store by skipping the brand names, and going for the bargains!

•Buy second hand clothes. Do you desire to wear Ann Klein, Ralph Lauren and Banana Republic, but don’t think you can do so on your teacher’s salary? Try going shopping in a new type of store—a second hand one! There, you’ll find all the latest trends and quality brands—for about a quarter of what you’d pay for them new.

•Travel in the off-season. A lot of teachers—especially those teaching in foreign locations—spend a great deal of their salaries on travel. But by traveling off-season, it’s possible to cut the cost of the trip in half—or less.

How about you--have you picked up any tricks along the way? If so, why not share them your fellow teachers? Drop us a line here.

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