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December 21, 2005

Recommended Resources - The English Blog

Hi Everyone, it's me Michelle Simmons. Guess you've been wondering where I've been huh?

Hello All,

Remember Me? Me Miss You Long Time!

Well, I can't get into it right now but I've been out in the "field" let me put it that way. I needed some extra time to do a little job-advancement opportunities.

But, enough about me. I first want to say a big "thank you" to our friend and colleague, professor Lee Hobbs, for the wonderful job he's done with the ESL-Lesson-Plan web log while I've been away. If all of you were here in person with me I'd say, "Let's give him a big round of applause please."

Well, the sad news is that . . .

. . . neither Lee nor I will be "manning" the fort here at ESL-Lesson-Plan for too much longer. As you already know, I'm still on extended leave and will continue to be so for the time being. Rich Phillips, over at ESLemployment, has just asked me to provide a few posts again over here while Lee makes his hopefully painless transition to ENGLISH-BLOG. Oh, you haven't heard about it?

Don't worry now, Lee is not really going "away" from us at all (don't you just love what he did with the blog pics? Thanks for showing me how to do that Lee, I'll give it a try on this entry; let me know how I did!)

Sorry about that. As I was saying, Lee's just moving on to his own, more generally-focused, English blog over at the ENGLISH-BLOG I just mentioned while ESLemployment will find a permanent writer for this popular ESL teachers' blog. It definitely fills a gap in the ESL market that some of the other blogs aren't currently doing, so we definitely want to continue giving it our readership support. If you are interested in the position, Rich has asked me to tell you to look for the ad that will be out for it soon over on ESL-Jobs-Forum (another great site that I've been proud to have been associated with).

Since Lee did such a fine job of filling my "high heel" shoes for me during my absence, I can't help but do a little plug for him here. This is a little block of text that I nicked from an entry of Patricia Dean's, the writer for ESL-SCHOOL (do you ever go ever there to see what she writes?)

Just a brief post today to plug a new blog that at least a few of you might find some use for. ESLemployment's new editor-in-chief Lee Hobbs is the culprit; you might be familiar with his entries over on ESL-LESSON-PLAN, the blog he is presently administering for Michelle who is on extended leave. [ . . . ] In addition to co-moderating for ESL-Jobs-Forum with Rich Phillips and editing all the ESLemployment blogs and newsletters, i.e. ESL Expert and ESL Instruct, Lee will slowly begin to transition his entries to ENGLISH-BLOG, while ESLemployment finds a permanent writer for ESL-LESSON-PLAN (Look for their job advertisement soon on www.ESLemployment.com). [ . . . ] ENGLISH-BLOG has a set of much more "general" objectives than does ESL-LESSON-PLAN - designed exclusively for ESL teachers - and this blog, ESL-SCHOOL, which is oriented toward ESL director of studies, ESL managers and private owners. [ . . . ] In ENGLISH-BLOG, we should all be able to find something of use if we have an interest in the English language as our passion.

Well, I guess that sums it up in so many words. I have already gone over to visit him on his new site. I put the link up already but just in case you missed it, it's http://www.english-blog.com

In his first post, he had this to say about the concept behind this new blog:

It promises to be smart, savvy, witty, and sometimes funny . . . This blog will try to take on the field of English as a whole. While still keeping one foot in the ESL door, this blog will be free to explore other great areas of the English discipline such as composition, literature, rhetoric and linguistics. There will be sub-categories too, eventually, as you are forced to witness my exploration of genre and theory.

I, for one, am glad to see that someone will finally be discussing linguistics. I don't know what direction he'll take this area of English study but I always enjoyed learning about those bi-labial fricatives and that sort of thing. For those not in the know, that's scientific-speak for a "raspberry!"

I'll be heading over shortly to leave a comment or two on his posts. Why don't we all show him a little support by doing the same. His site is in a format similar to this one and Patricia's, which means you can sign up to get e-mails everytime there's a new post (if you don't like checking manually everyday). I don't bother with either anymore since Lee turned me on to this RSS and XML feed stuff. It's great, now I can just see the posts on the "My Google" page everytime I open up my browser's homepage. All of the blogs I mentioned today have this functionality.

Alright then, enough from me. It was good to speak to you again after all this time. You might see a few more posts from me and/or Lee before the new captain of ESL-Lesson-Plan comes aboard.

Peace and love,


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Posted by msimmons at December 21, 2005 08:47 PM

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