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January 17, 2006

Recommended Resources - Sites and Blogs that Link Back to ESL-Lesson-Plan

Here is a list of friends that link to this blog from somewhere on theirs!

Friends don't let friends link without an exchange. So, let's all be friends and exchange those links! Click here to find out how . . .

INSTRUCTIONS: Having the topic of "ESL" is not a prerequisite for link exchange but all links must be reciprocal.

If you would like to add your link to our blog, first add our address (http://www.esl-lesson-plan.com) somewhere on your website or blog. Then, come back to this entry and enter your information in the comment box HERE.

NOTE: Be sure to use the following format in the comment field (see the examples of others before you):

1. Name of your site,e.g. "Dave's ESL"

2. Blog or Website webaddress (you may use html to hotlink it if you want), e.g. "http://www.esl-school.com"

3. A short description (about 250 words) about your website, e.g. "A site discussing the finer points of ..."

4. The actual address of where you've linked to ESL-Lesson-Plan somewhere in the comment, e.g. "Your link can be found here: http://www.esl-jobs-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=417"

Note: These return links will be checked monthly. Inactive links and missing return links will result in the deletion of your entry. Thanks so much for your cooperation. Happy site promoting!

*For more ESL-related Recommended Resources featured on ESL-Lesson-Plan, please click HERE!

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