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February 14, 2006

Industry Event - Contemporary Issues In ESL Academe: The Ivory Tower's Voice "Off" the Field?

There will be several panels of interest to ESL teachers, researchers and academics at the following conference:

Investigating Our Reality: Bridging Interdisciplinary Gaps
2006 IUP GSA/EGO 4th Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference

February 18, 2006, 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
Hadley Union Building [HUB]
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA 15705-1094

The GSA and EGO are pleased to host this year’s plenary speaker, Dr. Marc Bousquet. His keynote address to the annual conference will be held in the Ohio Room at 1:45 pm and is entitled: "Management Theory and Academic Reality." Dr. Bousquet will speak about the following issues . . .

. . . “Higher education administration is increasingly indistinguishable from the corporate culture of any large service-industry organization. In the highly ideological, theory-driven culture of education management, values and the language used to convey them have sharply diverged from academic realities, especially the embodied needs of students and faculty. For instance, in management language, the notion of boosting education "quality" is code for raising education "efficiency," which is to say, the continuous reduction of spending on the needs and priorities of everyone involved with the campus, except administrators themselves. How can students and faculty assert control over the mission of our universities? How can we make "quality" mean "learning" and make "efficiency" mean "needing many fewer administrators"? Are there other theories better suited to the description of academic realities?”

Scheduled ESL panels, roundtables, and rountable discussions include:

The Attitudes of Muslim Foreign Students towards the American Education System

Second Language Writers’ Negotiation of the Two Identities

Do West and East Meet?

Revolutions in ESL Methodology

The Theory of Challenge: Applications to Language Learning

Why Should We Include Culture in EFL/ESL Teaching?

A Love Affair of Pidgin

Understanding the New Generation of Muslim-American Students:
A Guide for Teachers

And many more . . .

• This year's conference is free and open to the public.

• Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

About Marc Bousquet
Dr. Bousquet is the distinguished author of How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation (NYU Press, forthcoming). With Katherine Wills, he co-edited The Politics of Information: The Electronic Mediation of Social Change and, with Tony Scott and Leo Parascondola, Tenured Bosses and Disposable Teachers: Writing Work in the Managed University. Marc's work has been highlighted in IUP's own Works and Days in an issue titled: Information University: Rise of the EMO. He was the founding editor of Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor, has taught at Indiana University-Bloomington, the University of Louisville, and the City University of New York, and is currently Associate Professor of English at Santa Clara University, California. A few of his articles are linked here:


About GSA
The GSA [Graduate Student Assembly] serves as a forum to express the concerns of the IUP graduate community to the university administration. It also attempts to enhance the quality of the graduate educational and social experience through the provision of information, programs, and activities that may benefit graduate students. To meet these goals, social, academic, informational and self-improvement programs are offered throughout the year.

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About EGO
EGO [the English Graduate Organization] is a pre-professional organization that provides support, both social and academic, for the English department graduate students at IUP. The members of EGO organize and participate in conferences, plan workshops relevant to English graduate students, attend events of interest in the area (such as art shows, lectures, etc...) and hold an annual book sale. Most importantly, EGO is a forum where English graduate students can share their ideas, concerns and graduate experiences with their peers.

For full information and a scheduling of panels, please consult this year's online program at:
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