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March 07, 2006

What Were the Actors Saying?

Hi Everyone,

Beginning today and continuing throughout the month, I’ll be discussing the use of films in the classroom. I'll begin by sharing the comments of a former language student.

Marlen: “Hi Naoko, did you ever watch movies in your English classes?”

Naoko, 28, Kyoto, Japan: “We did watch movies in class, especially in high school, but the few times we did, there were Japanese subtitles at the . . .

. . . bottom of the screen, so although I could listen to the English and follow the translation, I would have liked to try to understand more. I wanted to be able to say what the actors were saying.”

I like to use movie scripts from popular films like Titanic, which are easily available in bi-lingual print, along with short film clips and on-line movie trailers. I'll be sharing more of my ideas and favorite resources in the coming weeks, so be sure to come back and check them out!

How about you? Have some ideas to help students 'say what the actors say'? Please share it by commenting below.


Marlen Harrison
March 2006 Guest-Writer for ESLemployment

About the author of this entry:
Marlen hails from South Florida but has lived abroad in both Europe and Asia. His own international education experiences include a year at Kingston University in Surrey, England. In 1995, Marlen earned his B.S. in Psychology from Appalachian State University.and then was awarded the M.A. in Education and Human Development from George Washington University in 1997. Currently, he is pursuing a doctoral program in TESOL after four years of teaching in a variety of settings in Western Japan. In addition to his liberal arts and educational background, Marlen is also a member of the Japanese Association for Language Teaching, acting as Co-Coordinator for their Learner Development special interest group.

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