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May 14, 2006

Q & A - Which Accreditation Scheme is Best for ESL?

Dear Readers,

I'd like you to know that ESL-Jobs-Forum.com is a great place to ask any ESL question you might have (within the realms of decency) and receive an answer from one of our expert moderators. Seeing as how the subject of accreditation is always a hot one, I chose this Q and A to demonstrate exactly how helpful we can be. For instance:

From: Lon'Cherie' Billingsley, Columbus, Ohio:


I am looking to take a distance learning class to become tesl/tefl/tesol certified but I do not know which certification I should receive. I also do not know what programs are accredited or are actually accepted by employers in Costa Rica. I do not want to waste money on incorrect certification. If anyone knows of any good programs which are accepted in Costa Rica for a position teaching english as a second language to any age let me know! Thanks in advance!

ESL-Forum Moderator and Expert Guy Courchesne provided an on- target answer:

Employers in Costa Rica will be more concerned with prior teaching experience than with the name of the certificate. By that, consider that any training you'll take should include an observed practice teaching component. Most online courses won't allow for it.

We have a guide on our webpage indicating what you should expect to see in an interview or questionnaire. The copy on our site comes directly from a Costa Rican language school.


A demonstration class comes next...

So come on, do you have a question burning for an answer? Or maybe you have an answer you're burning to share? Drop by ESL-jobs-forum.com. Get involved. Spark a thread, or add your thoughts and experience to one that's already rolling. Everyone is welcome.

Kind regards,

Alison Boston
May 2006 Guest-Writer for ESLemployment

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About the author of this entry:
Alison Boston is a native English speaker with a Canadian education and British parents. She has even lived in the States! The result is that she speaks Canadian-Eh, British, and um...American. She has five years experience teaching ESL in Canada, Great Britain and Hungary. She's taught all ages, from kindergarten to senior citizens, and native speakers of everything from Bengali to Hungarian. Prior to teaching English, Alison taught swimming and acting. Add to that a B.A. in theatre from a bilingual university, and real experience as an actor, and you have an actor-teacher who IS the real McCoy when it comes to teaching ESL. She's also a published journalist and writer, and runs her own blog and website at http://www.alisonboston.com

Posted by ESL Lesson Plan at May 14, 2006 01:07 AM

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