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January 12, 2007

Q and A- Starting an MA course

Dear readers,

This month's question comes from Mwanyimi, a reader of ESL Lesson Plan. Thanks for sending it in! Hopefully the answer will help others who are thinking about embarking on a similar adventure. The question is:

"I would like to enroll in an MA course in ESL ...

... as a full-time student. What do I do?"


If you're interested in doing an MA course in ESL, take the following steps:

1. Do some research online about the programs available (you can start by googling "MA ESL course list" or "MA TESOL course list")
2. (or) If you already know which city you want to be in, go to the websites of those universities directly.
3. Request an application form.
4. Fill it in.
5. Ask employers, CELTA tutors, or past professors for a reference letter (usually 2-3 are needed)
6. Request transcripts from your university
7. Send everything in
8. Wait for your acceptance letters
9. Apply for scholarships
10. Make your decision

If you are planning on studying in the UK, you won't need to take any kind of test first, unless you are a non-native speaker, then you'll need to take the IELTS.

If you are planning on studying in the US, you'll need to take the GRE exam. If you're a non-native English speaker, you'll also need to take the TOEFL exam.

You might also want to consider doing a distance course.

Another option worth considering doing is a DELTA course prior to an MA course, as you can sometimes get credit for that on an MA course, which might save you time and money on your MA course. Furthermore, it will leave you with more options for jobs, especially if you are interested in the training aspect of TESOL.

Here are some universities who have MA in TESOL/ESL/Applied Linguistics courses:

In the US:
University of Minnesota
Columbia Teacher's College

In the UK:
Oxford Brookes University
Leeds Metropolitan University
University of Birmingham

There are plenty more courses out there, but hopefully these will get you started.

If anyone else has any recommendations, feel free to add them here.

Good luck!

Writer, ESL Lesson Plan
E-mail: crueckert@eslemployment.com
Blog: www.esl-lesson-plan.com

"I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand." - Chinese Proverb

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About the author of this entry:
Carol, a native English-speaker who hails from the small town of St. Joseph in Minnesota, USA, and lived and worked in China for more than 7 years. During that time, she worked with students that range in age from three to more than sixty years old. She worked in universities, private language schools, grade schools, international schools, as well as private tutoring. Besides teaching, she also worked as a head teacher, an education manager, and a material development manager. In addition to working on this newsletter, she currently writes a monthly column for Time Out Beijing. Carol is also currently working on her MA in TESOL at the Oxford Brookes University in England. Look for her posts on the ESL-Jobs-Forum discussion boards!

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