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April 28, 2007

Teacher Development- PPP Lesson Plan Design

Hello readers,

One day last semester, one of my MA TESOL tutors was telling a story about three p's. A few of us in class were so engrossed in TESOL terminology and theory that we thought she was talking not about three pence, but about the three p's of a communicative lesson plan:...

... Presentation, Practice, and Production.

While this is not the only way to structure an ESL lesson plan, it is perhaps the most commonly taught and used format. The main idea behind this is that it gives students the opportunity to learn something in context, have it modeled by the teacher, practice it in a controlled way and then practice it freely. If you were to look at a visual of this structure, you would see that it fits neatly into the shape of a pyramid, with the Presentation taking up the least amount of space at the top, and the Production part taking up the most amount of space at the bottom.

So what actually happens in each phase of a PPP lesson?

Presentation: Teacher sets the context for the students. Given rules for the topic might be given from the context. The point is to make the students understand the language point, vocabulary set, situation, or other language focus of the class.

Practice: Students begin to use what the teacher presented in the first part by using drills that go from controlled to less controlled. These can be written or oral drills.

Production: Teacher allows students to use what they learned in an uncontrolled way through role-plays, discussions, language games, etc. Teacher monitors students from a distance so that students can feel free to try out what they've learned. After the activity, the teacher gives feedback to the students about common errors and also on the correct language that was used.

To see a sample PPP lesson, be sure to check out this month's lesson plan entry, which is coming soon!

Until next time...

Carol Rueckert
Writer, ESL Lesson Plan
E-mail: crueckert@eslemployment.com
Blog: www.esl-lesson-plan.com

"I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand." - Chinese Proverb

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About the author of this entry:
Carol, a native English-speaker who hails from the small town of St. Joseph in Minnesota, USA, and lived and worked in China for more than 7 years. During that time, she worked with students that range in age from three to more than sixty years old. She worked in universities, private language schools, grade schools, international schools, as well as private tutoring. Besides teaching, she also worked as a head teacher, an education manager, and a material development manager. In addition to working on this newsletter, she currently writes a monthly column for Time Out Beijing. Carol is also currently working on her MA in TESOL at the Oxford Brookes University in England. Look for her posts on the ESL-Jobs-Forum discussion boards!

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