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February 13, 2008

Recommended Resources - English Baby website

Hello Readers,

Are you looking for a fun networking site for your students? If so, you might be interested in checking out a site called englishbaby.com. It's a social networking site for ESL students (and teachers) with over 600,000 members world wide.

For more information about the site, read through the following press release:

5 February, 2008 English, baby! users find love while learning English

As they navigate the dating landscape, people often think to themselves,
“What if my one true love is in another country? My ideal partner probably
doesn’t even speak my language …”

... Until recently, that was true for Faruk Onur of Istanbul, Turkey, and
Anastasiya Yeremenko of Zaparaoje, Ukraine. A computer programmer,
Yeremenko, decided to learn English to further her career. And Onur, a
furniture maker, decided to pick up the language for expanded cultural and
cinematic opportunities.

The pair became acquainted on English, baby!, a social networking site for
people learning English that is used by 600,000 people worldwide. They
agreed to meet in-person while Yerekmenko was in Istanbul on business.

They talked for hours—in English, of course; it’s their only common
language—and a week later they held hands while walking down Istiklal
Caddesi, an iconic shopping district in Istanbul. A year later they were

Word of the wedding reached English, baby!’s Portland office just in time
for them to send Jason Simms, a member of the cast of actors featured in
the English lessons on the site, to attend the wedding. What followed was
a camcorder-captured blur of dancing, wine, giant fish, famous mosques,
and one adorable and happy couple.

“More than ESL or social networking, Ebaby! has always been about people
around the world connecting,” says John Hayden, founder and CEO of the
Portland, Oregon, based company, which has been profitable since 2003.
“But for a couple to meet on our site and start a life together with
English as their only common language is truly remarkable.” He adds, “They
also turned out to be the nicest people in the world.”

“Ebaby!’s Turkrainian Wedding” will be released on englishbaby.com on
Valentine’s Day, but the trailer, which was posted on the site less than
two weeks ago, has over 450 comments. Prior to the release, you can view
the video here:


And here’s the page with the trailer:


What do you think of English.baby.com? Feel free to add your comments below.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Carol Rueckert
Writer, ESL Lesson Plan
E-mail: crueckert@eslemployment.com
Blog: www.esl-lesson-plan.com

"I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand." - Chinese Proverb

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About the author of this entry:
Carol, a native English-speaker hailing from the small town of St. Joseph in Minnesota, USA, worked in China for more than 7 years. During that time, she worked at universities, private language schools, grade schools, international schools, and did private tutoring as well. Besides teaching, she also worked as a Head teacher, an Education Manager, and a Material Development Manager. In addition to working on this newsletter, she also writes a monthly column for Time Out Beijing, authors ESL textbooks for publishing houses in China, and is an Editor for Garnet Publishing in Reading, England. Carol holds a BA in Communications from the College of St. Benedict/ St. John's University, and a CELTA, and has just finished her MA TESOL course at Oxford Brookes University. Look for her posts on the ESL-Jobs-Forum discussion boards!

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