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July 06, 2010

Voluntourism - Travel On A Budget - Do Good Work

Want to travel the world but find that you have more time than money? I have found the perfect venture for those who want to travel, do good work, meet interesting people, learn new things, and perhaps most importantly....

...do it on a budget.

There are a variety of organizations that will allow you to work in exchange for housing, food and who knows what else.

One of my favorite organizations is Habitat for Humanity. Want to help build homes for poor people in isolated corners of the world? Start with Habitat - http://www.habitat.org/gv/default.aspx.

Another great organization is GlobalAware - http://www.globeaware.org/vacations-heart-voluntourism-opportunities-around-world. They use the term "Vacations With a Heart".

If you want to help rebuild New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina (yes, they still need help). Click here - http://www.neworleanscvb.com/static/index.cfm?contentID=1079.

I don't know if these people are set up to help with the Gulf oil spill, but they probably know who to contact.

To get a sense of a full range of voluntourism opportunities, take a look at Smarter Travel - http://www.smartertravel.com/travel-advice/vacations-with-heart-voluntourism-opportunities-around-the-world.html?id=4318814.

Don't miss this newsletter on voluntourism - http://www.voluntourism.org/news-feature21005.html.

Be forewarned; seeing the world through work, companionship and travel just might change you forever.

There's a wealth of resources on the internet. Let me know of any of your favorite sites.

It is good to remember that we are all always learning. And it is always more fun to learn together.

Let me know what it is about English that you find confounding, infuriating or endlessly intriguing.

Listen, read and speak. Make your new language your own.

My best to you as you make your way through this intriguing , constantly shifting linguistic landscape.


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Morf has a B.A.from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington and an MAT (Master's in Teaching English) from the University of Washington (Seattle). Morf prefers international and independent films, foods he can't pronounce, music no one else has heard of and riding his bicycle in foreign cities. And even though it is far from Christmas, more than one student has remarked recently how much Morf resembles Santa Claus...

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