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May 26, 2011

ESL Conferences Around The World

There are ESL related conferences coming up almost everywhere in the world in the next several months. No matter where you live, I am certain you can....

...find one near you or in place you'd like to visit. From Cairo, Egypt to Croatia, New Zealand and Haiti, I'm sure you can find an intriguing set of seminars to soak in.

Here are just a few; short notice I know, but how about a TESOL Virtual Seminar, "Effective Strategies for Collaboration Between ESL/ELP and K-12 Classroom Teachers," with Margarita Calderón, June 2, 2011, 3:30 pm-5:00 pm ET. E-mail edprograms@tesol.org. Web site http://www.tesol.org/s_tesol/seccss.asp?CID=1426&DID=4442.

Later in June, be sure to check out MATE-TESOL Haiti, "Lessons Learned from Teaching: Challenges and Rewards," Haitian-American Institute, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. E-mail alwarlock2000@yahoo.fr.

Early in July, be sure to look up the 2011 Korean Associations of Teachers of English (KATE) International Conference, "Empowering English Teachers in the Globalization Era," Yonsei University, Korea. E-mail tykim@cau.ac.kr. Web site http://www.kate.or.kr.

Also in early July, consider the ACPI-TESOL Annual ELT National Convention 2011, "New Trends in English Language Teaching," San Jose, Costa Rica. Web site http://acpi_tesol@hotmail.com.

In late July, check out the PERU TESOL, "The Teaching and Learning of English for Comprehensive Understanding Through Interdisciplinary Topics and Classroom Research and Practice," Lima, Peru. E-mail info@perutesol.com. Web site http://www.perutesol.com.

In early September, check out the The First Extensive Reading World Congress, "Extensive Reading--The Magic Carpet to Language Learning", Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto, Japan E-mail erwc1@erfoundation.org. Web site http://erfoundation.org/erwc1.

In mid October, take a look at the Intermountain TESOL, "Assessing English Language Learners," Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. E-mail brent.green@slcc.edu. Web site http://www.itesol.org.

If you want to see Canada in late October, set your sights on the 39th TESL Ontario Conference, "Language Learning: A focus on success," Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, 123 Queen Street West , Toronto, Ontario, Canada. E-mail conference@teslontario.ca. Web site http://www.teslontario.org/conference/.

And for a sunny December experience, don't miss the Applied Linguistics Associations of Australia (ALAA) and New Zealand (ALANZ) 2nd Combined Conference, "Applied Linguistics as a Meeting Place," University of Canberra and the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. E-mail appliedLing.2011@canberra.edu.au. Web site http://www.alaa.org.au.

As I mentioned before on this blog, I like to attend conferences, but I also recommend giving a presentation at one of these events. It is a wonderful way to explore, express and share your passions, frustrations and unexpected experiences. Everybody loves to hear stories based on real events. Don't be afraid to share yours.

I've done it and I'd welcome the opportunity to do it again - so if you want to invite me, just send me an email. ;-)

Send us any links or other resources that you think any teachers, students or even just regular people might find interesting or useful. Let us all know about words that make you crazy, aspects of language and expression you find challenging, and be sure to let us know what it is about English and language learning that you find confounding, infuriating or endlessly intriguing.

Listen, read and speak. Make your new language your own.

My best to you as you make your way through this intriguing , constantly shifting linguistic landscape.


About the author of this entry:

Morf has a B.A.from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, USA and an MAT (Master's in Teaching English) from the University of Washington (Seattle, WA, USA). And, as much as Morf loves writing this blog, he is always open to other opportunities either blogging or teaching. You can contact him at mmorf@mail.com.

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