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June 18, 2012

Some Words About Writing

I write and teach writing. The more I do both of these, the better I feel I understand the process of writing – or even getting a sense of what writing, at its best...

... really is.

Over the next few blogs, I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts about good writing – and of course, its opposite – bad or just plain bland writing.

Here’s where I see most students (and beginning writers) go sideways and get lost in their own muddle.

First of all, in your writing talk like a grown-up. Slang and swearing only make you look young and stupid. Don’t be lazy, but most of all stay on your topic!

Here’s what I mean; let’s assume that your topic is the process of building a house.

“When planning a house, be sure to consider more than the obvious basics. You’ll need to consider wiring, plumbing, doors and windows. Cars have windows too, and I particularly like tinted windows, I have a friend who has them in his car and they look great when we drive around town”.

You can see that the writer got derailed when cars came into the conversation – and as every writer knows – once a trail opens up, you either follow it or give up and start all over again.

I tell my students that a topic sentence is the one-sentence answer to the question ‘what is my paper about?”

Keep your answer simple. It could be an implied (and unwritten) statement but even then it needs to be absolutely clear in your mind.

One good question can keep your writing much clearer for you and your reader.

Writing could be profitable, or it could be good therapy, but whatever kind of writing you do, it should be enjoyable and memorable.

Let me know your thoughts, ambitions and frustrations when it comes to writing.


Posted by mmorf at June 18, 2012 11:29 PM


i am a really big fan of your writting tips, i wana be a writer but my english is a bit week so after i am good at it i am gona begin wrtiing.

Posted by: ahmed ali at June 19, 2012 05:39 AM

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