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September 18, 2012

Teaching Materials!

For many of us, the school year is just beginning.

I don't know about anyone else, but I troll the internet for all kinds of sources, ideas and...


And yes, that means I have some online resources for any students or teachers.

First of all, here is a treasure trove of worksheets and lesson plans. This is a great resource because it comes from a seasoned teacher. No one knows the demands and possibilities of learning than a teacher who has been around for a while. Check it out here - http://saradavila.com/front/materials/?goback=.gde_1609797_member_158155990.

I think you'll like what you see. And I'm sure you'll find lots of useful and motivating ideas in there. Make use of them!

And if that's not enough for you, here an index of the 50 best literacy/linguistic oriented websites. Most of these websites have links to even more great resources. Start here - http://www.universityreviewsonline.com/2005/10/50-best-blogs-for-literacy-teachers.html.

And yes, if you look closely, you'll see this website on the list. I know it's from a few years ago, so there might be some dead links - but not this one!

As always, send us any words or phrases that make you crazy and be sure to let us know what it is about English and language learning that you find confounding, infuriating or endlessly intriguing.

Listen, read and speak. Make your new language your own.

My best to you as you make your way through this intriguing, constantly shifting linguistic landscape.


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