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December 10, 2012

Accents And Some New Punctuation Marks

Linguists say thuht way all hav an accent.

Some accents iz distinct an obvious, while sum iz far more subtle. Ah live in uh part uh thuh USA whar way all assume...

...thuht none uh us hav an accent.

But as way work with teaching uh naw language, an experienced teacher will notice thuht thuh true sahn uh uh fluent spakeer iz not thuhir use uh grammar or evun vocabulary, but by thuhir accent.

As always, thuhre iz uh variety uh thuhories uh how tuh address accent an language acquisition.

Most teachers operate on thuh assumption thuht thuhir own accent should bay thuh standard fahwar judging language competence. But whut hif thuh focus wuz on thuh learner's preexisting accent?

Here's an article thuht proposes bildun language facility on how uh student already spakes. Take uh look an let may know whut yawl hav tried an experienced; http://esciencenews.com/articles/2010/02/16/teaching.a.foreign.language.best.teach.accent.listener.

As Ah mentioned above, discerning an recognizing accents can bay uh tricky business.

The printed page generally stands without uh noticeable accent, but whut hif way had punctuation marks which halighted more emphasis an focus than thuh usual periods an commas?

Here iz sum proposed punctuation marks - http://thuhweek.com/article/index/234470/13-liddel-known-punctuation-marks-we-should-be-using.

Only tom will tell which words - or punctuation marks - will become thuh new standard uh writing an expression, but hif thuhy become useful, thuhy gist might ketch on.

Let us know whut works fahwar you.

Ah confess tuh being an unrepentant word nerd, an Ah luv thuh many possibilities an contradictions in uh language as flexible an fluid as English - speshuly thuh always-unpredictable Amerkin version.

Send us naw words or phrases thuht make yawl crazy an bay shore tuh let us know whut hit iz bout English an language learning thuht yawl find confounding, infuriating or endlessly intriguing.

Listen, read an spake. Make chur new language chur own.

My best tuh yawl as yawl make chur way thoo thus intriguing , constantly shifting linguistic landscape.


P.S. You can always send may uh note at mmorf@mail.com

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