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October 28, 2013

Malcolm Gladwell On Dyslexia

Malcolm Gladwell is not a linguist, but his books draw on, and explore what it means to be a person who successfully interacts with the world.

He has been controversial for a variety of reasons, but as a reader of a couple of his books, I'd have to say that...

...at minimum, he makes his readers think deeply - and creatively - about engaging with work, learning and other challenges of life.

Malcolm Gladwell, in his most recent book, David and Goliath, argues that apparent disadvantages are often actually advantages, and in particular suggests that dyslexia might be crucial to personal success.
Dyslexia is a condition that impacts the ability to read. But dyslexia has been itself controversial.

Learning to speak a new language is difficult enough, and reading or writing a new language can be tremendously difficult, but could you imagine learning all this while having a learning disability like dyslexia?

Here's a lengthy, but very well done article which summarizes both Gladwell's style, his spin on dyslexia and a rousing (to put it mildly) comment section which addresses ADD, ADHD and other learning 'disabilities' - http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=8123.

Let me know of your learning or teaching challenges.

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