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March 04, 2014

The Tech World Needs Story Tellers

We all love (and sometimes hate) the technology we all use and depend on every day, but did you know that...

...English majors and storytellers are crucial in the tech world?

Technology - computers, smart phones and much more - are great, and they certainly allow us to do things previous generations couldn't even imagine. But they can certainly be annoying and frustrating. And dangerous.

It turns out that our wonderful devices have needed (and sometimes have had) good story tellers.

A good story teller leans into a story and gives us the deepest meanings we may sometimes miss, and will urge us to look closer at beginnings and endings.

Where, after all, does our wonderful technology come from? Who makes it? Where do the materials come from? How safe is it, really, in our hands or up against our ears?

What does our smart phone do to our posture? Our eyes or our social lives?

And where does it end up? Where will our newest tech toy be in five years?

How many of us have a pile of gadgets, cables and adapters in a drawer somewhere?

I love technology, but I think we need a better story - one that is transparent when it comes to the sources and makers of our technology and is honest and diligent about reuse or recycling of batteries and other potentially toxic components.

If you focus on words and stories, there is an urgent need for you in the tech marketplace. Technology may do remarkable things, but technology needs story tellers to make our devices human.

And if you have any doubt, take a look at this article - http://readwrite.com/2014/02/25/why-every-tech-company-needs-an-english-major?awesm=readwr.it_d18k#awesm=~oxzJIFIHeZ1Bx8.

And if you need a story teller, send me a note.


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