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March 19, 2014

Travel For A Good Cause

Many ESL teachers go into teaching so they can travel. I love seeing new and interesting places and meeting people from all the distant corners of the world.

But I have always been bothered by the sense of being...

...a tourist or a stranger flickering by like a passing shadow on a foreign street.

In English we have the term 'going native' for someone who melds (or wants to meld) into the host culture. And I must admit that I have that tendency.

I don't collect very many momentos or souvenirs from where I've been, and I don't even take very many photos; I tend to collect friends and memories and I prefer to be more than just a teacher, I want to make a lasting contribution to the culture and community - and I want it to make a lasting contribution to me.

And I am always looking for ways to contribute what I have or have easy access to. Here's an example of the kind of cause I am always looking for - http://www.packforapurpose.org/.

Here in the USA, school supplies are available at good prices and I'd love to be able to give some of the things I can get easily to schools who need them. As you travel, I encourage you to gather up some stray notebooks or even children's books or anything else you see on this website.

Travel is wonderful, but traveling with a purpose is even better.

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