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June 03, 2014

What's Your Idiolect?

Each one of us has our own way of using language. When a group has a shared way of speaking, we call it a dialect, but the way an individual speaks is their...


Besides being our unique form of expression, each one of us, apparently, absolutely convinced that our way, and our way alone, is the proper way to speak.

I know that I use language in my own particular way, and I make up or adapt words as I feel inspired or compelled by necessity or urgency.

Think about how you use language. Some situations require more clarity or formality while others might demand urgency or concision. There's a time to explain every detail and a time to stick to the barest outline.

There's a time to text and a time to spell out whole words. And, as you probably know, there is nothing more important than recognizing this distinction and responding accordingly.

But even in any of those demanding situations, we each make our mark on the language we use.

For more on this idea, take a look at this article - http://www.slate.com/blogs/lexicon_valley/2014/05/30/arguing_over_language_everyone_has_an_idiolect_standard_english_prescriptivism.html?wpisrc=obnetwork.

And, as a quick note, if you need to polish your spelling (and who doesn't?) here is an online spelling quiz - http://www.merriam-webster.com/spell-it/index.htm?&t=1401851469.

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